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Nest Thermostat

Zipatile firmware 1.2.29m
1. Follow inclusion instructions at
2. Controls show up but thermostat control not possible. Zipato support confirmed this is due to current firmware implementation, supposedly to be fixed in next release. Currently not compatible.


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David Pritchard

In my experience, control *is* possible, but flaky. Let’s say the Nest set (target) temperature is 20 and you set it to 21 using a rule. The change may or may not “take”, but it seems that, once the Zipabox *thinks* that it’s changed the set temperature, any further attempts to set the same temperature are ignored. So I use a rule that goes something like this: Loop 15: Set target temp Wait If target temp not set correctly Set target temp – 1 Wait Set target temp Else Stop This does work pretty reliably, although, since the Nest doesn’t… Read more »