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Camera Support

This is an extract from this Zipato Forum post

  • There are no limitations to camera support on the Zipato platform.
  • If the device has HTTP and RTSP capabilities you can add it to the Zipato platform.
  • There are however some cameras which have created templates for them by Zipato Support Team in order to simplify the inclusion of the camera and require no additional actions from the user side. If the camera hasn’t got the template, you can still add it, although you will have to know its IP address and stream/snapshot paths.
    • Please note, due to an outdated h264 library – some cameras do not display High Quality streams if their resolution is higher than 1920x1080p. That doesn’t mean the camera won’t work, low quality streams are still viewable and snapshots are getting rendered properly regardless of their resolutions.
  • Supported cameras (provided by Zipato):