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Is your Zipatile randomly switching on its relays?

Alot of users have connected the Zipatiles inbuilt relays 1 and 2 a light circuit. Removing the need for a Z-wave on/off module, these relays are helpful in operating either 240V or low voltage switches up to 1A.
What most users do not realise, is that by default these relays are tied to the Virtual Thermostat that is pre-programmed on your Zipatile. So you may experience your lights turning on and off at random times for no reason.
Well there is a reason, the Thermostat is activating them as if they were connected to a heating and cooling element, and there is an easy fix. Simply go to your Online Zipato Control Center, connect to your controller, and access the Settings of the Thermostat. Here under devices you will see that the Outputs for Heating and Cooling are associated to your Relays. Simply delete these, sync, and enjoy.