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Virtual thermostat

Virtual Thermostat (VT) is a nice piece of software that contains the logic to act as an intelligent thermostat for your home heating and/or cooling.  You can create as many virtual thermostats as you wish. For example, if you want to create a multiroom system, you could create as many VTs as rooms.

To set it up, go to config -> devices tab, and understand the following terms (example for heating with one valve on each radiator and Zipatile as boiler relay):

  • Heating Input: the valve on your radiator. You use this “Input” feature if you want your virtual Thermostat to be updated if you change manually the temperature setpoint on the valve itself.
  • Heating output: the valve. You use this “output” feature for the valve to open or close the radiator. If you have more than one valve, add all of them here.
  • Heating output: the boiler actuator. For example the Zipatile relay (carefull, Zipatile relay can be used as boiler actuator only on PRO virtual thermostats)

In case you are creating more than one VT, you should use one DIFFERENT virtual switch for each VT. And then, create a rule that says:

WHEN (Virtual Switch 1 = ANY OR Virtual Swithc 2 = ANY OR Virtual S….)
IF (Virtual Switch 1 = ON OR Virtual Swithc 2 = ON OR Virtual S….)
Activate your boiler relay
Deactivate your boiler relay

Note: in case you are using your Zipatile internal temperature sensor as reference for your VT, don’t forget calibrating the offset of it! If you observe the current temperature shown on your VT is not equal to Zipatile’s internal temperature value, remove the sensor from your VT config, save, sync, add it back, save and sync. Check it here this case.


ClimateZipato: document from Zipato explaining Climate features