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Zipatile As Secondary Controller

  • ZipaTile cannot be used as a secondary controller, contrary to what Sebastian noted in this SmartThings post.
  • The only way to access sensor readings from multiple ZipaTiles on the same network, is to use the Cluster mode.
    • Cluster mode requires the Pro license.
    • Every ZipaTile in the cluster requires a separate Pro license (4 Zipatiles in the cluster = 4 Pro Licenses)



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Clustering a number of Zipato controllers does work well. In fact I would say better then having adding them as a secondary Z-wave only controller.
The reason, you can set the additional controller out of normal Z-wave range, meaning less hops to nodes, greater distance, and the option of using it with numerous protocols not just z-wave. It operates over IP on your LAN. Originally it only worked over the internet, but now I can confirm it communicates over your Local Network.
For more information on Clusters, look out for a new Cluster post on the ins and outs of Clustering.