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Get free Custom Voice Calls using IFTTT

Those of you who use the Zipato voice and sms service you will have to add credits to your wallet to use these services. Also you will notice that calls do not specify WHICH controller they are coming from if you have more than 1.

If you dont because of the costs, there is another way!

How about a free and more customizable way to use a similar service?

You can use IFTTT

If you are inexperienced in using Zipato with IFTTT, please follow our previous guide to setup the right channels and virtual meters here

Scroll down to the Section titled Going the other way. Zipato to IFTTT. Here you will find the instructions on setting a custom “event” to trigger a voice call from IFTTT.

Those experienced with IFTTT, will realize that making phone calls outside of the US is not permitted, but lucky for us another channel is now available. VoIP Calls

Using this Channel, you can get a call to you mobile phone for free with a custom announcement.

Now you can send voice calls to your mobile for “any” event that occurs within your Zipato controller, or within any IFTTT supported channel for that matter.